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April 8, 1998 - Philadelphia Flyers - 6-1 Loss

This game got pretty crazy. Here's what I saw happen... Sandy McCarthy was trying to get someone to fight him but no one would. Daniel Lacroix looked at Andrei Nazarov, said something to him and Nazarov hit him. Then Lacroix turtled. When he got up he looked directly at Nazarov then at Tucker and I guess he figured Tucker was smaller so he'd go after him. The next thing I saw was McBain trying to hold Luke Richardson. McBain was between Nazarov and Richardson. Richadrson had ahold of Nazarov's jersey. Lacroix came over and started hitting Nazarov. They call what Nazarov did gutless, what about hitting a guy who's being held? When Tucker saw that, he came over to try to hold Lacroix. Lacroix had one hand on Nazarov and then tried to throw two punches at Tucker at the same time. Lacroix really picked the wrong guy to go after. He got one good punch in on Tucker then it was all over. Tucker beat him up really bad. Blood was all over Lacroix's jersey, Tucker's jersey, the linesman's shirt, and the ice.
Tucker also made a great pass between two guys out of the corner to a wide open Karl Dykhuis for the Lightning's only goal.

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