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September 29, 1998 - Carolina Hurricanes- 5-3 Win - Pre-Season

This was a big exciting game for Tucker. He scored the Lightning's first goal on a scramble in front of the net. He then assisted on Andrei Nazarov's goal 3:31 later.
In the second period, Dave Karpa of the Hurricanes came after Tucker and knocked down a linesman in the process (no penalty). Bad idea. They fought for a while with nothing really big happening. Then boom, Tucker just knocked him out. In my opinion, he was out cold. But I'm not positive. He was bleeding quite a bit and had to be helped off the ice since he couldn't even stand. You don't see a guy get dropped like that very often. I actually kind of felt bad for him. But that serves him right for coming after Tucker. Chants of "Darcy! Darcy!" filled the arena twice. Once after the fight, and once when he got a 10-minute misconduct at the end of the game (for not doing anything).
Tucker earned the 3rd star of the game, much to the delight of the crowd. He also wore the A in this game.

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