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News: St. Petersburg Times 4/5/98

Tucker Earning His Keep, Money
By Tim Buckley

When Phil Esposito suggested during recent contract negotiations that Darcy Tucker's individual bonus incentives should be tied to team success, Tucker told the Lightning general manager how he felt.
"I said, "If we don't make the playoffs, I shouldn't get a bonus,' " said Tucker, who has officially signed the new contract he recently agreed to -- a four-year deal worth about $3.2-million.
"Those bonuses," Tucker said, "aren't for guys who sit at home over the summer watching the Stanley Cup playoffs."
With his new deal, Tucker more than triples his annual salary of $225,000. That is quite a raise for someone who never got off the fourth line in Montreal, which traded him to Tampa Bay as part of a six-player deal on Jan. 15.
The key to earning it, Tucker said, is simple: "It's not that hard when you play as much as I have here."

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